evacuation & public address

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The functions of a PA system can be expanded to include the following:

  • Emergency audio messaging both Pre-recorded and Live:Where a life-threatening situation is realized within a premises by (for example) fire or explosion, it must be possible to inform occupants in a quick, effective, controlled manner to evacuate, preferably in accordance to arrangements previously made (and rehearsed) to cope with such a situation.Such an Evacuation System should incorporate diagnostic feedback and reporting capabilities as to overall system, speaker-line and amplifier functionality, as well as system and user audit logs. Audio levels should ideally be spread as evenly as possible to ensure maximum coverage and intelligibility within an area as per ISO/SANS 7240 specifications (a legal requirement in the EU, not [as yet] in South Africa).It is vital that such a system can provide an ‘alert’ tone; occupants will be more likely to ignore or not pay attention to a voice message unless it is preceded by such a tone.
  • Automated Audio Fire Alarm Signal when combined with a Fire Detection System (including use of pre-recorded messages)
  • Business specific directives and paging
  • Announcements of a general nature
  • Background music

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